“For SCAA all the children are equal”. There will not be any sort of discrimination regarding Caste, Religion, Sex, Place of birth etc. Among the children while they are provided opportunity for education and other. Nepotism, Favouritism is also never practiced by SCAA.

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Need of Sponsor

  • Need Sponsors for Childs education.
  • To construct a School hostel, if possible near the school compound at Chailsa in Solukhumbu.
  • To provide education on environment sanitation and health and hygiene. Like cleaning the surroundings, Constructing Lavatories in the houses of each students etc.

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Work Done By SCAA

  • Has repaired old school buildings and has constructed a new school building with the help of our sponsors from France and Swiss.
  • We have installed electricity and solar light for five schools with the help of our sponsor, Electrician Sans Frontieres (ESF) through Mr. Didier ISSEN from France.

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To provide good education for all those children who are deprived of it due to their social, environmental and economical problems.


"For SCAA all the children are equal" There will be no discrimination regarding Caste, Religion, Sex, etc. Nepotism, Favoritism is also never practiced by us.


We give priority to places of the following Municipalities.

  • Soludhudkunda municipalities wada 1 to 11
  • Thulung Dudhkoshi Rural Municipality
  • Mapya Rural Municipality etc.

These Municipality come’s under an Eastern Himalayan district of Nepal. i.e. Solukhumbu district. Here, most of the children are deprived from their fundamental needs like education due to poverty and other reasons, even though it is situated near the district headquarters.


"Sherpa Children Assistance Association" (SCAA) is a non-governmental and non profit motive organization, which was established for educating the poor and needy children of Solu khumbu, Eastern Himalayan region of Nepal. SCAA is registered under the government of Nepal in 2000 A.D, bearing its registration number 934/ 057/ 58. Pan No. 301740034.

In the beginning, there were only four children, two supported by Nima Sherpa the President of SCAA and the other two by his friend from France. Now the number of children has reached to more than hundred. These children are blessed with god-parents; therefore they are being able to get a good education and a better standard of living.

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